ContrAddiction: The Looking House

Installation in collaboration with Che Kevlin

ContrAddiction: The Silent Art of Observing was a part of Outside 11: Artist as Outsider show, devised and curated by Lisa Temple-Cox, a tenant artist at Cuckoo Farm Studios, and Katia Denysova, an emerging curator from the Center for Curatorial Studies at the University of Essex. 

The show aimed to explore alterations in artistic practice as produced by migration, clash of traditions and cultural identities through an examination of East Anglia's international artistic community. 

This endeavor was fulfilled by presenting new site-specific artworks from international artists residing locally and existing pieces from East Anglian artists who have relocated abroad. Participating Artists: Jeremy Blank Farrago Patrick Loan NOMATTSLAND (aka Matt Bailey) Mariya Ustymenko Marina Velez Vago.

The exhibition was followed by a book Outside 11: Artist as Outsider, which reviewed the show. The book is available for full preview.